For the casual player or skater new to the sport of hockey who is looking for the perfect, affordable stick that still offers some desirable performance features, the Warrior QRE5 hockey stick may be the perfect option. For 2018, Warrior has improved its line of game-changing Covert sticks, and the QRE5 takes advantage of new and innovative engineering.

  • Minimus Carbon 400 for lightweight responsiveness, playability, and durability
  • True 1 Phantom construction for a one-piece feel
  • QR Edge taper design for improved shot accuracy, quick shot releases, and increased stability
  • Traditional blade core construction for durability and excellent puck-feel

The Warrior QRE5 gives the new or learning player a solid, traditional stick-feel thanks to the stick’s rounded corners and straight sidewalls. The stick is manufactured with a heavy-duty mix of carbon fiber and fiberglass for the best of both worlds in durability and playability. The Minimus Carbon 400 design in the QRE5 is a flat-weave carbon composite that improves the performance of the stick’s other construction technologies, while the material’s light weight enhances the stick’s responsiveness, balance, and playability. 

Warrior has also updated its construction process for 2018 with the True 1 Phantom low co-molding design inherited from Warrior’s Alpha line, which gives the player a consistent and truer one-piece stick feel. But it’s the stick taper that drives home the QRE5’s super-low kick point, ideal for ultra-quick shot releases—a signature of the Covert stick line.

The new QR Edge taper gives players a unique taper geometry, resulting in better accuracy and even quicker releases compared with last year’s QRL offering at this affordable price point. The new taper design also boasts excellent stability in the lower third of the stick: as you take shots, even big shots, the QRE5’s blade will remain square with the target, helping to increase player performance by providing pinpoint accuracy. And a nice byproduct of this new taper design is quicker shot releases. 

The QRE5 stick features a traditional blade core with a support of high-density foam running through the center of the blade for an excellent puck-feel but without sacrificing any durability.

Excellent puck-feel and durability are just what most casual or first-time players need and will get in 2018’s Warrior QRE5 stick. And that great Warrior stick-feel and durability, along with some other innovative Warrior design features, are available at an extremely affordable price, making the QRE5 a huge win.


C$89.99 Regular Price
C$80.99Sale Price