Next time you're shooting a puck across a football field, pick up the Warrior Dynasty HD1 Composite Hockey Stick to get you through the task.

Why would you need to shoot a puck across a football field? The answer is unknown to us at Total Hockey, but we know the weapon of choice. Thanks to a 100 percent carbon thermoset, which uniquely blends carbon fibers and toughened epoxy, Warrior's Dynasty HD1 composite hockey stick provides you with hightened shaft strength, as well as an ultimate feel and response. This means your aim will be dead on for when you fire one across the neutral zone to a gaping net ... or putting the puck through the uprights from 60 yards away.

The Hyperdrive kick point truly brings power to your game, as it uses an easy-flexing mid-kick point that releases powerful velocity slap shots and one timers, making you a threat from anywhere on the ice. The Strong-Arm taper forces a wider shaft that resists torque, increasing your power transfer and accurately pinpoints your slap shots. Defenders on the rink won't want to block your next booming one timer, let alone try to stop you from blistering a shot from the point.

Precision and accuracy make up the HD line of Warrior sticks, but it's the Dynasty HD1 that stands as the top choice for the big-game player. Whether you're demolishing opposing netminders' stats on the ice or creating your own long-distance and accuracy game away from the rink, the HD1 should be the top weapon in your arsenal.



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