The Warrior Alpha DX5 shoulder pad is for the entry level player who is looking for a low price shoulder pad with enough comfort and protection to keep you on the ice as you develop your skills. 

  • Dynamic Strike technology for an overall superior fit
  • Multi-layered foam for enhanced protection in key areas
  • Molded plastic for high impact protection

The DX5 sits at Warrior’s lowest price point for the 2019 Alpha shoulder pads, but that does not mean it comes without its share of high-end features. This model includes Dynamic Strike technology, found throughout the Alpha line, allowing for a complete family of shoulder pads that are designed for superior fit, protection, and mobility through excellent construction. 

The Alpha DX5 builds off this construction with the use of multi-layered foams throughout the shoulder pads. These foams provide enhanced protection in key areas like the sternum and spine, helping to prevent injuries which will allow you to stay on the ice and work on your game.

Warrior also uses molded plastic in the shoulder caps and bicep guards which provides further protection, especially against high impacts like checks and blocked shots. 

An entry level player won’t experience as much physical contact in a hockey game as an elite player will, but this does not mean the beginner should not have mobility and protective features in their equipment. To hit the ice feeling safe and confident, every player should have gear, especially shoulder pads, that offers quality protection against impacts. The Warrior Alpha DX5 provides the entry level or recreational player with a solid combination of comfort, mobility, and protection for this low price point.