The Warrior Alpha DX4 shin guards are built with the recreational player in mind, offering quality protection and comfort at a great price.

  • Dynamic Strike technology for a superior construction
  • Traditional strapping system for a comfortable and secure fit
  • Lightweight calf guards for increased protection
  • Strike yellow liner for added comfort

The Alpha DX4 includes Dynamic Strike construction to offer a superior fit. For hockey equipment, the right fit is vital to ensuring the protective features can work effectively. In these shin guards, Dynamic Strike offers the right fit while also providing good protection and mobility.

Warrior uses a traditional strapping system to give you the secure feel you’re looking for. This trusted system offers two straps, one for the knee area and one for the calf, to lock the entire shin guard in place while you skate.

For increased protection, the Alpha DX4 shin pads include calf guards to protect a key area from slashes and blocked shots. These guards are designed to be light so they don’t weigh you down while you skate. And inside the pad, Warrior’s Strike yellow liner offers you some added comfort.

For the weekly player, The Warrior Alpha DX4 shin guards offer the right performance features to keep you comfortable and protected on the ice - all at a great value.