The Warrior Alpha DX3 shoulder pad includes solid features and technologies to offer you the mobility and performance you’re looking for without sacrificing the most important benefit shoulder pads provide - protection.

  • Dynamic Strike technology for an overall superior fit
  • Dynamic Protection for enhanced protection in key areas
  • Dynamic Ventilation for a light and cool feel
  • Strike yellow liner for dry comfort

Dynamic Strike technology, found in all the 2019 Alpha protective models, is a top-end feature that provides an overall superior fit for any player. This shoulder pad construction is designed to offer an excellent balance of both mobility and protection, allowing you to play your best game every time you step on the ice.

For enhanced protection in key areas such as the sternum and spine, Warrior includes their Dynamic Protection in the DX3 model. This technology uses a compression molded sternum combined with dual density foam, allowing for increased impact resistance without additional weight.

The Alpha DX3 also includes Dynamic Ventilation, a top-of-the-line feature, for a lightweight feel. This vented internal jacket, part of the two-piece sternum construction, uses airflow to help keep the pads mobile while keeping you light and cool. And for more lightweight comfort, the DX3 features Warrior’s Strike yellow liner, keeping you dry and your shoulder pads fresh.

When shopping for new hockey equipment, make sure everything fits perfectly. Even the most technologically advanced equipment won’t be effective if it fits incorrectly, especially shoulder pads. Once you determine the right fit, you can be sure that Warrior is providing you with high quality gear, including the Alpha DX3 shoulder pad, which includes great comfort and protection for its price point.