The Warrior Alpha QXElbow Pads are one of the best fitting, protective and mobile elbow pads money can buy. Exclusively featured in this flagship model is Smart Cap construction, which is a flexible body design utilizing molded plastics and foam gasket technology to provide excellent mobility and impact absorption.

The Alpha QX elbow pad's bicep guard boasts their new VPS (Ventilated Performance System) construction. This is elite-level protection with fantastic breathability. To ensure it stays in place for full coverage, Warrior used a neoprene attachment system that lets the bicep guard move independently of the body.

Internally, the Alpha QX elbow pad features their flagship WarTech FnC liner and its Polygiene additive. WarTech FnC wicks away moisture and reduces drying time after the game. The Polygiene additive is a bath treatment that prevents odor-causing bacteria from forming.


C$119.99 Regular Price
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