The CCM Tacks 9080 elbow pads include many top-end technologies and protective features at a great value.

  • D3O smart material for enhanced overall protection
  • Articulated bicep with exposed foam for optimized mobility
  • Three-strap system for high-end comfort

CCM’s commitment to offering high-level mobility and protection in the new 2019 Tacks line continues in the Tacks 9080 elbow pad. Like the top-of-the-line model, the 9080 features D3O smart material for enhanced protection throughout the construction of this pad. D3O works through the use of a unique molecular structure which allows molecules to flow freely in standard conditions, giving the material a soft and flexible feel. But on impact, the molecules lock together to absorb and dissipate impact energy. After the impact, the molecules return to their free-flowing state. This means that the stronger the impact, the more the molecules react, offering you unparalleled protection.

For the elbow cap, JDP technology is reinforced by D3O, providing a lightweight construction that disperses the force of impact away from the elbow joint, while also offering elite impact and shock absorption technology for overall protection. For forearm coverage, D3O is combined with compress molded PE foam for excellent impact resistance, giving you full protection down the arm.

For the upper arm, CCM uses an articulated bicep with exposed foam. This construction uses the molded exposed foam to offer superior comfort without sacrificing the protective features you need in the bicep area, while also working in tandem with the Tacks shoulder pads to provide full coverage.

The Tacks 9080 elbows feature a lycra mesh middle lock strap, an elastic bicep strap, and a length adjustable forearm strap for a locked in feel. These attachments are unique from each other but work well in this three-strap system, providing 360-degree surround strapping developed to maintain an excellent level of comfort while remaining secured in place. And with the length-adjustable strap on the forearm, this elbow pad gives you some customization depending on your personal preferences for fit and feel.

CCM’s new Tacks line of protective equipment offers excellent features that promote comfort, mobility, and protection. In the Tacks 9080 elbow pad, CCM has used some top-of-the-line innovations that make this model an excellent option for this price point.