The CCM Tacks 9040 elbow pads are a great entry-level option for the players who are looking for protection and comfort while developing their skills.

  • JDP elbow cap for lightweight protection
  • Molded PE foam for good comfort
  • Three-strap system for a locked-in feel

While the recreational player won’t experience as many in-game impacts as the elite skater, protection is still crucial for someone who is getting comfortable on the ice. The Tacks 9040 elbow pad provides the right amount of comfort and protective features for this level of player, starting with the JDP elbow cap. This cap construction provides great lightweight protection, dispersing the force of impact away from the elbow joint.

CCM also uses Molded PE foams for more protection in key areas of the 9040 elbow pad. In the bicep, construction includes molded PE inserts and extended coverage for protection and comfort which, when combined with the features found in the new Tacks shoulder pad line, offer complete upper arm coverage. And in the forearm, molded PE foam is strategically placed for solid lower arm protection.

For the attachment system, the Tacks 9040 includes three straps - a stretch middle strap, a stretch bicep strap, and a webbing forearm strap. With the three-attachment system, every area of the arm is covered, giving you a comfortable, secure feel that allows the elbow pad to stay in place while you play.

The CCM Tacks 9040 elbow pad includes solid protection and mobility, with the right amount of performance features for you if you’re an entry-level player who needs to feel both comfortable and protected on the ice so you can develop your game with confidence.