The CCM Tacks 9040 hockey pant includes the right protective features for entry-level players who are developing their game and therefore need equipment that will help to prevent injury while keeping them confident when they are on the ice.

  • High quality nylon for optimized durability
  • JDP cap for enhanced hip protection
  • Molded PE cap for impact resistance in key areas
  • Fixed molded spine for lower back protection

Players who skate a couple times a month or less need solid protection as they begin to experience common impacts that occur in hockey games like collisions with the boards, ice contact, and blocking shots. Protection against these impacts starts with the overall construction of the equipment, including hockey pants. The 9040 model uses 400D lightweight nylon (the junior model uses a combination of 200D and 400D) and polyester panels for a reduced weight and increased durability.

For hip protection, CCM includes the popular JDP cap reinforced with PE foam. This cap construction is designed to disperse the force of impact away from the hip joint, an important feature as you develop your skating abilities and begin to experience more contact with the boards and the ice.

Molded PE caps are included in key areas of the Tacks 9040, including the kidney and thigh. These caps provide lightweight protection and impact absorption in vulnerable spots, showing CCM’s commitment to offering you an all-around protective option. CCM also places a focus on the back of the pants, with a fixed molded spine protector that enhances lower back protection.

These technologies combine to offer a solid hockey pant, built for a recreational skater who needs some comfort and protection at a great value. The 9040 pant is a good example of CCM’s dedication to providing every player with the right pant, from the beginner to the experienced, with great protective features offered in every option.