Like the Ultra Tacks above it, the Tacks 6052 Grip Composite Hockey Stick features CCM's new Ultra Attack Frame blade construction. This new blade design is stiffer than the former design, allowing the stick to provide more accuracy, better precision and incredible consistency. All of this means that the feel for your shot placement will be the same on day 100 as it was on day one!

The shaft has a mid kick point, meaning the top of the shaft is stiffer than the bottom. This allows for fantastic accuracy on both shots and passes, and offers premier control when lacing a saucer pass up the boards. Also improving the feel, CCM utilizes its T Geometry in the stick to offer you what the pros using CCM prefer. The grip is also advanced on the Tacks 6052 Grip Composite Hockey Stick. The entire shaft is coated with a grip, but there are strategically placed textured areas to offer excellent control over the stick.

No matter what level you're playing at, the Tacks 6052 hockey stick is a great option for lighting the lamp that doesn't break the bank.


C$139.99 Regular Price
C$97.99Sale Price