The CCM Tacks 5092 Hockey Shin Guards take place of the Tacks 4052 Shin Guards from the previous Tacks line. The pad utilizes a traditional two-piece construction with a ribbed hard plastic shell which is built to withstand any type of wear that may take place during a game or practice. CCMs JDP knee cap is built to disperse the force of impact away from the knee joint. The calf wrap on the Tacks 5092 Hockey Shin Pads includes an anatomically molded PE insert which is designed to fit close to the body and provide an extra layer of protection to the back of the leg.

The Tacks 5092 hockey shin guards offer a removable liner that's built with an enhanced mesh and low-density foams to provide comfort and extra protection to the front of the leg. CCM also featured a newly designed strapping system with their lock strap feature that wraps around the top of the shin guard along with an elastic strap to secure the bottom of the shin guard. Overall, the CCM Tacks 5092 Shin Pads are a great pad for a recreational to intermediate player.



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