Needing some shoulder pads to get your little skater on the ice? Look no further than the CCM Super Tacks Youth Shoulder Pads. These are elite level shoulder pads, meaning you can rest assured that your skater will be both protected and comfortable out there on the ice. As a parent, you can appreciate that these pads were constructed specifically with an e-fit stretch neck construction which makes the neck area elastic and easy to put on and take off. Additionally, these pads feature PE shoulder caps providing high-level protection. The biceps are adjustable ensuring that your skater gets the proper fit and arm protection. The torso features a PE spine, adjustable belly pad and full length Velcro adjustment which all ensures a proper and comfortable fit. Additionally, there is a lightweight foam liner and floating sternum with D3O foam which provides ultimate lightweight protection. Overall, the Super Tacks Youth Shoulder Pads are great for any youth hockey player, whether they are a more seasoned skater or new to the sport. As a parent, you can feel confident sending them out in these shoulder pads knowing that they are providing excellent protection.