The CCM Super Tacks Hockey Shin Guards are the top of the line pad in CCMs Tacks line of equipment. The Super Tacks take the place of CCMs Ultra Tacks Shin Guards in their previous Tacks line. The Super Tacks hockey shin guards are built for elite level competition and would be a great shin guard for players at any level.

The Super Tacks hockey shin guards feature CCMs D3O smart foam in the knee cap, knee wing, and external calf area. D3O smart foam is a high shock absorbing foam that is initially soft and malleable, but upon impact it stiffens and dampens any blow to the area of coverage the foam provides. This makes D3O smart foam a very comfortable, yet protective asset to the shin guards.

The Super Tacks hockey shin pads have a traditional two-piece construction with a hard plastic (PE) knee cap shell and ribbed shin pad that is built to withstand the beating of sticks and pucks during play. The calf wrap of the Super Tacks hockey shin guards contains HD foams that are anatomically molded to the shape of your calves, creating a close fitting, comfortable shin guard. CCM has included a new strapping system this year for the Tacks line as well. The top strap is made of nylon with a comfort pad on the back of the strap and is built to lock the shin guard in place. The bottom strap is a 3 wide elastic strap that is designed to create a close fit.

On the inside of the Super Tacks hockey shin pads, CCM has included a removable microfiber liner that helps wick sweat and keep the pad during play. Because the liner is removable it makes cleaning the pad a breeze. The knee cut out in the liner creates a more natural fit while helping keep the pad in place during play. Give the Super Tacks Shin Guards a try today! You won’t be disappointed with the quality and performance of the pad.