The brand new CCM Super Tacks Player Pants are designed to meet the needs of the elite player. These anatomically fitting pants offer a great balance between protection and comfort. One feature that really stands out with these pants is how customizable they are. You can add a 1-inch extension to the length using the hidden length adjustment zipper. You can also adjust the spine protection in the back. These pants are constructed with Pro 400D nylon with side panel reinforcement which reduces the weight of the pant while maintaining durability.

The Super Tacks pants are all about protection. The hip area has a JDP cap reinforced with D3O smart material which offers pro level protection of the hip while directing the force of impact away from the hip. Additionally, the kidney areas are protected by molded PE pro-level foam. The adjustable HD foam floating spine with D3O foam offers maximum customized protection in the lower back. The thigh guard comes with molded HD and PE foam offering pro-level protection to the thigh area. Overall, these pants offer the elite-level protection and features that you would expect from a pro pant with an added benefit of customization. You can hit the ice with confidence in the all new CCM Super Tacks Pants.