If you're looking for shoulder pads with elite level protection, look no further than the CCM Super Tacks Shoulder Pads. These shoulder pads strike a great balance between being lightweight, but also being comfortable and protective. The fit profile on the Super Tacks Shoulder Pads is an anatomical 3D fit with anti-lift construction providing a close fit that also adapts to your movements, preventing the annoyance of shoulder pad lift. The Super Tacks Shoulder Pads also offer un-matched protection. It all starts with the D3O smart foam used in these pads. The D3O foam can be found in both the sternum and shoulder caps of these pads, where the protection is needed most. D3O foam results in a lightweight protection that is still pro level, providing maximum protection without the added weight of heavy padding. The shoulder caps feature dual core HD foam with D3O reinforcement providing lightweight and pro level protection. The sternum features shaped and molded HD floating sternum foam with D3O smart reinforcement, maintaining the pro level protection.

Moving down the Super Tacks Shoulder Pads, the torso features removable belly and HD foam kidney protection, providing a custom fit and high-level protection. Similarly, the bicep is adjustable with a removable extension further enhancing the custom fit. Additionally, molded HD foam with a hinge system can be found in the spine area to provide pro level protection of your spine and increased comfort. Finally, these shoulder pads feature an embossed base line which maximizes air flow, keeping you cool and comfortable. The CCM Super Tacks Shoulder Pads are lightweight, protective and provide a comfort fit. What else could you ask for in a pair of shoulder pads?