CCM continues to make huge advancements in their Tacks line of sticks year over year, and this year's iteration is no exception! With multiple new technologies implemented throughout the shaft, and a revamped blade the Super Tacks stick brings a lot to the table.

Dual Flex Profile

CCM's first effort was to design a stick that could handle any situation on the ice. The result was a whole new flex profile for the Tack's line, which takes its queues from your hand placement. Higher hand placement will find you in the softer flex zone allowing the entire profile of the Super Tacks stick to load. Conversely, lower hand placement will put you in the stiffer zone, where the reduced real-estate is compensated for with increased resistance to match your fully loaded shot.

Improved Bumper Tech

CCM's bumper tech was a staple in the previous Tacks sticks, and was refreshed for this year's Super Tacks stick model. For those unfamiliar, Bumper Tech is characterized by a reinforced construction for the edges of the stick's shaft, strengthening it against impacts, and making it more difficult for micro-fractures to spread through the rest of the stick. The new reinforced bumper tech utilizes an optimized execution of materials and placement, resulting in a 10 percent increase in durability.

AcuLite Blade

In an effort to provide better balance to their Tacks line of sticks CCM set out to revamp their blades, and in doing so were able to shave off valuable ounces from the Super Tacks stick, without compromising the stiffness of the blade or the pinpoint accuracy it delivers


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