The CCM Super Tacks AS1 shin guards are made for elite-level players who need top-of-the-line comfort, mobility, and protection from their hockey equipment.

  • D30 smart material for lightweight impact absorption
  • Anatomical shin cap for pro-strength protection
  • Two-strap attachment system for a locked-in feel
  • Removable comfort liner for a custom fit

Whether it’s blocking shots or fighting off stick checks, keep your legs protected with top-end shin guards from CCM. The Super Tacks AS1 pads feature D3O smart material, designed for impact absorption and overall elite protection. D3O works through the use of a unique molecular structure which allows molecules to flow freely in standard conditions, giving the material a soft and flexible feel. But on impact, the molecules lock together to absorb and dissipate impact energy. This means that the stronger the impact, the more the molecules react, offering you unparalleled protection regardless of the hits you take during a game. And after the impact occurs, the molecules return to their free-flowing state, giving you the superior comfort you’re looking for.

D3O technology is included in some key areas of the AS1 model. In the calf, compress molded and exposed HD foam combines with D3O for maximum protection. This premium HD foam provides excellent comfort around the calf area, and the D3O gives excellent shock absorption for an often-neglected area of protection. In the knee caps, CCM combines D3O with their pro-level JDP cap. This construction is designed to disperse the force of impact away from the knee - vital for blocking shots.

The Super Tacks AS1 includes an anatomical shin cap with pro-strength PE for ultimate protection. The shin cap construction also has a specifically-designed landing area created to lock in hockey tape. This small but useful tool shows CCM’s commitment to providing you with a shin guard that not only protects you, but offers you features that will make you more comfortable every time you step on the ice.

For the attachments, the AS1 uses a two-strap system - an upper lock strap and a length adjustable calf strap. The upper strap locks the top of the pad in place for a secure feel, while the bottom strap offers customization based on personal preference for how you want the pad to feel, offering the ideal snug fit. Inside the pad, CCM includes a removable comfort liner with knee cut-out for even more personalization, and detachable lower shin padding for unmatched comfort.

Shin pads may get overlooked when it comes to hockey equipment, but a good pair is vital for players to stay healthy and protected every time they hit the ice. With the Super Tacks AS1 shin guard, CCM provides a great option for the elite player.