CCM has taken huge strides to take an already successful product from Reebok and revamp it for 2014! You might be thinking that this stick looks familiar. Previously known as the Reebok RIBCOR, CCM has taken this product and added some key upgrades to a stick that was already top notch. You'll remember that the original RIBCOR displayed the all-new, revolutionary RIBCOR shaft design which features carbon fibers that are permanently in tension. This construction helps to maximize the energy transfer from your hands, through the shaft, and to the puck. Also, returning for the newest RIBCOR stick, is CCM's Tri Matrix fiber construction. This technology is engineered to feature one layer of 90 degree fibers between two layers of 45 degree fibers. These layers are meant to work together, in the sense that the 90 degree layer is ideal for maintaining strength and durability, while the surrounding 45 degree layers are designed to store and release all the energy when you load up your shots!

CCM RIBCOR 40K Stick Upgrades

There have been a couple upgrades to the CCM RIBCOR 40K, as there is with any new release stick. First off, the blade construction has been upgraded. This year, the RIBCOR 40K will feature CCM's SSX2 Blade, which is the second coming of last year's SSX blade.The blade is built with a stiff heel, and gets even stiffer as you make your way to the toe, which is extra stiff at the end. The blade is designed like this to ensure that it maintains its shape through all shots. This means that wherever you launch your shot from, the torsional flex will be limited, ensuring that your blade is facing your target throughout the shot, and keeping your accuracy on point. Also updated, was the way that CCM will reinforce this stick. We all know the advantages of the RIBCOR design and its tightly wound fibers. They store energy and keep the stick durable. But this year, the CCM RIBCOR 40K will feature CCM's TECHNORA reinforcement. TECHNORA is an aramid fiber that is commonly found in products demanding high durability and performance, such as automobile bodies and wind surfing sails. What this means for your stick is great durability and improved long-term performance! Order one today and discover why CCM chose to throw down all of its latest technologies into the brand new CCM RIBCOR 40K! - See more at:


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