Released this past fall, the CCM Ribcor Trigger 3D is the newest member of the very popular CCM Ribcor line of sticks. Known for their incredibly quick release, the Ribcor line has always offered not only one of the top low kick stick options available, but one of the best sticks on the entire market, period.

The Trigger 3D replaces the Trigger 2, and is the 5th generation of the Ribcor line since CCM took it over from Reebok. Made for those who love their quick snapshots, the Trigger 3D builds upon the success of the Trigger 2, providing a stick that is worth being excited about. With improved energy transfer, increased durability and multiple other enhancements, the Trigger 3D further solidifies the Ribcor line’s place as one of the cream of the crop in the hockey stick industry.

Before we go deep into the specifics of the Trigger 3D, here is a short summary of what the stick has to offer:

New Technology

  • Enhanced Pop Matrix
  • X-Flow technology
  • Speared Shaft Design
  • New Intermediate Shaft Geometry



C$299.99 Regular Price
C$269.99Sale Price