The CCM RibCor 63K ice hockey stick is a great choice for the casual or recreational hockey player who doesn’t want to break the bank, but who would still enjoy a little bit of performance from their hockey stick. If you’re out on the ice a couple times a month and your main goal is to have fun with friends and family, the RibCor 63K might be the right stick for you.

  • Low kick-point loading ease and surprisingly quick shot release
  • Easy-to-load fiber orientation for fast shot releases
  • SXX2 blade for a stiff puck feel and quick shot release
  • Traditional t-geometry for a solid, traditional feel in the hands

The RibCor 63K comes with traditional t-geometry shaft dimensions, with slightly square corners and straight sidewalls for a solid, traditional feel in the hands.

The stick construction is a fused two-piece design in a strong blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass. This blend produces good responsiveness and impact resistance for those slightly wild beer league match-ups, or suddenly competitive family face-offs.

The 63K has a low kick-point with CCM’s easy-to-load taper—a unique fiber orientation that allows players fast shot releases much like the rest of the RibCor line of sticks.

The blade construction on the 63K is CCM’s SXX2 model. The stick’s main technological feature, the SXX2 blade is stiff in the heel but grows increasingly stiffer toward the toe. This construction helps give players a quicker shot release and improved accuracy because it prevents the blade from opening up. Overall, the SXX2 promises the casual skater a nice puck feel and a lively, quick response.

The CCM RibCor 63K doesn’t try to do too much. It knows what it is—an entry-level stick for the casual or recreational player looking to get out on the ice and have a little fun. The fact that the 63K also provides some nice performance and at a very affordable price point to boot, makes it a great overall value.


C$64.99 Regular Price
C$55.24Sale Price