The Quicklite shoulder pads draw their lineage from the RBZ shoulders of the past, with some notable improvements. The major focus in revamping the pads this year was on breathability and protection. A couple of components managed to serve both ideologies, with their Ventshield and DRYfoam Technology. DRYfoam is unique because it's a closed cell foam that inherently absorbs less sweat than alternative foams, and this means it serves as the basis for most of the pad's protection. Working in unison with DRYfoam, is CCM's Ventshield Technology which features strategically located and sized vented portions of the pad which allow for improved airflow without compromising the pad's coverage and protection. CCM's familiar UFoam makes an appearance in the shoulder caps of the pads, providing lightweight pro-level impact protection. Meanwhile, Zotefoam comes together with the aforementioned Ventshield to provide ample torso protection. High Density foams provide coverage for key impact areas in the biceps and clavicle, while molded PE is also applied to the sternum giving the QuickLite Hockey Shoulder Pads even further impact resistance.


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