The 2018 CCM JetSpeed is an elite level stick designed with speed in mind for today’s lightning fast game. The latest premier stick from CCM launches the JetSpeed line into the composite hockey stick world, as CCM turns the page and moves on from the RBZ.

The RBZ lineup was known for integrating golf club face technology into the sticks blade – a product of CCM’s affiliation with TaylorMade golf. While the golf/hockey hybrid technology was an impressive engineering feat, the playability of the RBZ stick always seemed a bit off. Some people loved it; some people hated it.

The JetSpeed is not the RBZ.


The Jetspeed’s Hybrid Kick Point flex profile allows players to adjust their hand placement for optimal shooting from anywhere on the ice and the new JetStream blade does a terrific job of balancing puck feel and blade stiffness. The new shaft dimension feels fantastic in your hands and keeps the blade face square for deadly accurate shots.

CCM’s newest stick lineup is brand new. From construction, to design, to playability, this stick is unlike anything CCM has produced before.



C$199.99 Regular Price
C$159.99Sale Price