Within the all new Jetspeed protective line we have an incredible line of shin guards that are designed to be lightweight and comfortable, all while offering incredible protection. The Jetspeed FT390 shin guards check off all these boxes. Taking a look at the construction of these shin guards, CCM used a lightweight shell design and hinge system for improved mobility and protection. Moving down to the calf guard, we notice the molded PE calf protector, which provides lightweight protection and allows for a better fit. Moving to the front of the Jetspeed FT390 shin guard, we take a look at the anatomical shin caps with vented knee caps that offer lightweight protection. For the thigh protection, the FT390 shin guards have a molded PE foam piece to provide protection for this vulnerable area of the leg. When it comes to attaching these shin guards, you’ll be using an upper lock strap, with a comfort cushion, for behind your knee and CCM’s new adjustable calf strap, which allows for customizable adjustment for a perfect snug fit. The liner on the Jetspeed FT390 shin guards is a combination of molded PE foam and a removable Dryfoam liner. The Jetspeed FT390 shin guards provide excellent protection and comfort while remaining lightweight