For a performance-level, affordable ice hockey skate, the CCM Jetspeed FT360 offers a lot of value for the money. Key upgrades to the steel holder and tongue bump the skate’s overall quality, making it one of the best buys on the market at this price point.

  • SpeedBlade 4.0 holder for improved energy transfer and aggressive turning radius
  • Bottom vent for moisture release and quick dry times
  • Heat moldable, synthetic composite quarter package with reinforcement core for enhanced power, stiffness, and longevity
  • Heavy-duty microfiber liner with DuraZone abrasion protection for long-lasting comfort
  • 7 mm tongue with injected lace bite guard for impact protection
  • Anatomical Response footbed for contoured support

The blade holder in the FT360 has been upgraded to the SpeedBlade 4.0—the same holder used on the top-end FT1 skate. The holder features CCM’s SpeedRib design, adding strength and stability, thanks to its unique geometric construction. The triangular figuring will improve energy transfer through the skate by reducing torquing, helping players enjoy their maximum stride power, along with an improved bite and turning radius in the skate’s removable SB stainless steel blades.

The SpeedBlade 4.0 holder is joined to an injected and embossed plastic outsole that includes a bottom vent for moisture release. The vent helps keep players’ feet dry during the game, and speeds up dry-times afterwards. The embossing adds additional stiffness for increased energy transfer.

The FT360 quarter package comes in CCM’s synthetic composite shell, with a foam core for increased stiffness over the FT350 model. The stiff shell helps improve stride power, and the foam core, together with the composite shell, molds to the foot for a shorter break-in time and a more personalized fit.

The boot includes a semi-flexible tendon guard with double stitching for improved durability, and comes with a thick, 7mm., two-piece felt tongue for a comfortable, anatomical fit and feel. The tongue is upgraded with center-injected foams and includes an embossed lace guard. Combined, these features offer better protection for the top of the foot from pucks, slashes, and lace bite.

The FT360 boot features CCM’s DuraZone patches at the top of the quarter liner to help reduce abrasions caused by shin guards. If you wear your guards beneath the skate tongue, they often wear into the quarter package interior—a problem the DuraZone patches address. The rest of the liner is a heavy-duty microfiber material that’s comfortable and soft to the touch, and does an excellent job wicking moisture not released through the skate’s bottom vent. The FT360 comes with CCM’s Anatomical Response footbed, giving players a contoured fit for excellent support and comfort.

The FT360, like all Jetspeed skates, is a medium-volume skate, but its fit shades toward the tighter side in the heel and forefoot. If you’re a person with an in-between-sized foot, Jetspeeds might be perfect for you.

The upgraded, performance-level FT360 skate offers a lot of value in an eminently affordable package. Its removable blades and protection features make CCM’s FT360 one of the best performance ice hockey skates on the market.


C$99.99 Regular Price
C$69.99Sale Price