New for 2017 are the CCM JetSpeed FT360 Senior Ice Hockey Skates! With a few upgrades to the holder, steel, and tongue, these are some of the highest quality skates on the market for the price.

These skates are designed with maximum speed in mind. The boot is injected with composite skin, making the boot durable and structurally stiff, giving the skate an anatomical, close to the foot feel. The result of this construction is increased energy transfer and faster skating speeds! The boot also features an exhaust vent at the bottom, which help to release moisture and reduce drying times.

With these skates, not only can you go fast, but you can also be comfortable! This is thanks to the heavy-duty fiber on the interior of the skate that is not only easy on your foot, but highly resistant to wear, keeping your skates comfortable, for longer. This liner goes hand in hand with the 7 mm felt tongue with reinforced layers that provide comfort and added protection.

Moving to the bottom of the skate, the CCM JetSpeed FT360 Senior Ice Hockey Skates feature the SpeedBlade 4.0 holder with the SpeedBlade stainless steel, which is the same setup as the top of the line CCM JetSpeed FT1 Hockey Skates! This setup helps to increase stride length, turn and accelerate faster, all while being extremely lightweight and durable.

With the addition of the SpeedBlade 4.0 holder, steel, and upgraded tongue, these skates are one of the best options you can find within this price range! If this sounds like something you would be interested in, look no further than the CCM JetSpeed FT360 Senior Ice Hockey Skates!



C$219.99 Regular Price
C$153.99Sale Price