The CCM Fitlite Hockey Helmet is the most recent development in a market-wide helmet revolution. CCM stepped up last year with the Resistance, and they now offer their R.E.D. protection in a second helmet, the Fitlite. The R.E.D. System in the CCM FitLite had to be adjusted a bit in order to be compatible with the Fitlite's EPP foam liner, so CCM shifted the liquid-filled bladders closer to the head, putting them between the liner and the comfort cushions that CCM has added to the Fitlite. The EPP foam manages linear and direct impacts while the R.E.D. system softens rotational impacts. As for adjustment, CCM brought over the MicroDial II system that was featured on the Reebok 11K helmet. The MicroDial II is meant to create a true 360 fit all the way around a players head. Between the lightweight PE shell, EPP liner, comfort cushions, and R.E.D. system, the Fitlite helmet addresses your every need, from comfort to style to protection!