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A Local Hockey Shop Online.

Don't be fooled by our online website, at Ultimate Hockey, we still see ourselves as your local

hockey equipment shop.

You see, we started out in 2012 with a normal, simple bricks and mortar retail store in British

Columbia's  Okanagan Valley. We were just hockey guys wanting to sell hockey gear to other

hockey players. 

Turns out, while we weren't seasoned business people, we actually did pretty good at serving

the needs of hockey players; choosing the right products, keeping our prices way down and

dealing with customers the way we always wanted stores to deal with us.


Customers started coming.... and coming... and coming. And not just  from our community but

other communities too!

What we started finding was that folks were driving to our store from as far away as Calgary, Vancouver and even Washington State, south of the border. 

We'd continually hear out-of-town customers tell us, "I wish you guys would open in our town!".

We talked a lot about it. We discussed opening stores in a lot of those communities. But bricks and mortar

stores are expensive to operate and the added costs just inflate the prices of the gear. Rent, utilities, staffing

all cost money. And even with a bricks and mortar store, you still can only service your customers during

'store hours',  which isn't always when customers want or need to shop.

Then we came up with this crazy idea; why not open an 'online' version of our local bricks and mortar store



Then customers can shop with us 24/7 from anywhere in BC, anywhere in Canada... or anywhere in the



And by saving on the typical bricks and mortar overhead, we could be even more competitively priced than



Customers could shop for the gear they want, pay less than they'd pay at their other local stores and shop anytime they like, even at midnight in their underwear (an image we try not think about too much)... and have their product delivered right to their door!

So that's why we built this site. We believe being local is less about your street address and more about the way you do business, supporting and serving the community. And to that end, we're still just hockey guys wanting to sell gear to other hockey players. We're not a big retail chain and we're not some generic online retail hockey store you can't pick up the phone and call - You can pick up the phone and talk to us anytime. 

We hope you'll give us a try and let us prove to you how we can be your local hockey shop!